Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I heart Tuesdays

I heart them because Tuesday = baby class day.  When I was pregnant, I knew for sure that I needed to get some real live mommy friends.  Bonus points if these mommies had babies Ruby's age.  The hospital I delivered at offers these parent-baby classes, broken down into three month age chunks.  Perfect.

Except I wasn't sure I was going to go.  I tend to be pretty introverted in social situations (at first anyway).  I knew I wanted to, but...  Anyway, there was another woman in our Hypnobirthing class who was getting ready to have her second child.  She spoke so highly of the parent-baby classes she'd attended with her first child, telling us that she still had great friends from there, some of whom would even be watching her older child when she went into labor!  Ok, I was sold.

Yep, she had to wear her new Ruby shirt to class today.
I waited a long time (too long) to actually go.  I think she was 6 weeks already?  But I knew from the first class that I totally loved it.  The vibe is just so totally perfect for a brand new mom, because everyone is a brand new mom.  Everyone has all the same problems and successes that you do.  Everything your baby is doing that you wonder, "could this possibly be normal?" IS normal, and all the other babies are doing it too!  Everybody is nursing, a lot of them without covers even.  I came home the first week and told Keith there were boobs and baby butts out everywhere (because we just change them right on the floor, of course), and that I loved it.  It was a totally safe place to learn to nurse in public, and just get comfortable caring for my baby out of the house.  Add to it that our facilitator is totally knowledgeable and has a very "follow the child" slant that is right up my alley, and well, I look forward to Tuesday every week.  

It is just so refreshing to experience the sisterhood of new-mommydom.  I come home every Tuesday afternoon with a sleepy baby and a positive attitude.  You can best believe if it is Tuesday you will find me at my happy place: parent-baby class.

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  1. Oh I was so lucky to have made some friends who had their first babies around the same time I did. You are so right, it is so helpful to see others having the same issues/questions that you do. Knowing what you're going through is normal. Us Mamas need that!

    We are all still friends and all ended up having our second ones about the same time too. I'm glad you're enjoying your class and hopefully you make some close mommy friends there too! BTW, I LOVE the name Ruby, I think I may have told you this in a previous comment :)