Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Have No Dignity

Do you have any phobias?  I do.  I pretty much don't like any living things except for large mammals.  Well, unless the large mammal is a bear.

My biggest fear is bugs and creepy crawly things.  Which leads me to this tale.

Yesterday, Ruby and I were at our second home Target.  We'd been running around trying to find a swim diaper that was small enough for her (since the one I bought the other day had big, gaping legholes...).  So when we got to Target, I parked out in the boonies in the shade of a tree, so that I could nurse her in the car before we went in.

We shopped (Target has CUTE baby girl stuff for fall right now), and came back out to the car.  I was taking Ruby out of the Beco, when I saw a WASP in between us.  Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  A wasp!  By my baby!!!

I held her out, and spun us around to try to get it away from her.  I deposited her into her car seat quickly, but the dang thing was all. over. me.  I've never been stung by a bee or wasp, and my mom is allergic, so I'm kind of afraid I will get stung and I will be allergic.

Which leads to the no dignity part.  Picture me running around my car, waving the Beco wildly, and yelling, "Nooooo!  Toots!" (because it had gone back into the car and buzzed her face during this, too).  After what seemed an eternity, it flew around the corner of the car, so I jumped in the back with Ruby and slammed the door.  I was shaking all over, no joke, and she just sat there looking at me like, "WTF Mommy?".

I was afraid to get out of the car.  I buckled her in, and then texted my follies to Mr. G.  He pretty much made fun of me.  I was certain that as soon as I opened the door, the wasp would be all over us again, and now Ruby was strapped in, so I couldn't get her away quickly!  Her seat is in the middle, though, so climbing over wasn't an option.  Yes, I considered it.

Finally, I jumped out, opened the my door, and jumped back in.  After checking to make sure it didn't follow me in, I actually saw that freaking wasp fly right past my window.  

I must've smelled really good.  And I must have looked absolutely ridiculous to all of the other people at Target that afternoon.  Made me glad I parked out in the boonies!

And since posts are boring with no pictures, here's one of Miss Ruby playing after we got home:


  1. ha ha!! I once wrote a blog post about me slapping my nose ring out of my face because of a spider (it's a long story!) I HATE creepy crawlers but especially spiders!! Glad I'm not the only one with no dignity :)

    1. Oh, spiders are the WORST. I smooshed one on the garage door with Keith's firefighter boot yesterday, too. And then there was the time the 4" dragonfly got in the house... Or the time there was a cockroach in my jeans when I was in college...

      Ok, I'm going to give myself nightmares.

  2. The grossest baby / bug story I have so far is this.. Prepare yourself.. I have the bath ready to go, I put Scarlett in. I have a tube of those little squishy toy things that squirt water that I keep beside the tub so I can just dump them in... So I dump them in and out flies a thousand legged centipede thing! The worst!! I scream and grab her out of the water in a flash! Then I yell for my husband to come and get it out of the water. I then had to dump the tub and start fresh.. No way I can reuse that water. Needless to say I threw away that tube thing and don't even use the bath toys anymore. Bad memories! :)

    1. I didn't adequately prepare myself for that story, and now I'm terrified of bath toys, even though we don't have any yet...
      I wouldn't have been able to use them anymore either!