Monday, September 10, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

September 2-8

Sunday:  We were lazy bums, but did manage to take a walk.  I finally tackled this pile.  Thanks to my generous friends, Ruby has an entire hand-me-down wardrobe for her 2nd year.  Monday:  Good morning?  Links in the mouth.  First time in her high chair, I think she likes it!  Tuesday:  Time for a change (and a nap).  Not enthused about a trip to Michael's.  New diapers!  Our evening walk - not tolerating the stroller.

Wednesday:  Playing in the high chair means I get to eat breakfast now.  Chillin'.  Thursday:  Not so sure about Sophie yet.  Costco had Fage yogurt, and it lived up to its hype.  Friday:  This pathetic look is the result of 4-month shots.  Feeling well enough later to try to shove the O ball into her mouth.  Saturday:  I like to think she's saying "Go Bucks," in spite of her Washington onesie.  Finished her owl hat!  Keith doesn't get to dress her on Saturdays anymore...

As always, head over to Amy's blog and see what everybody else was up to!

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