Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Another week flown by.  They are going in the blink of an eye.  Last night we were giving Ruby a bath, and Mr. G told me it feels like she was born 100 years ago.  It really does, not literally, of course, but we could think back to those first days (like where he spent the night with her in the bathroom with the fan running for white noise, or when I didn't leave her hospital room for 2.5 days when she had to go back for jaundice treatment).  Those days seem like forever ago, and it's hard to remember life without her.

September 16-22

Sunday:  Rolling around (around, not over).  Playing with Lamar.  Monday:  Braidy started acting weird on our walk... turns out she saw a bunny!  Love those baby blues.  Post car seat meltdown grouchysleepface.  Tuesday:  Listening intently in baby class, as always.  Finally, my Amazon order (Anne of Windy Poplars, a paci clip, and a new (wipeable) changing pad for the diaper bag)!  Wednesday:  Obligatory high chair/fingers in mouth shot.  Reeeeeally getting roly poly.

Thursday:  A new headband, and a paci-leash for a snack apparently.  She chewed on that blanket a LOT on our picnic.  Beautiful beach park.  Friday:  She was pretty amused that she could put her feet on the counter.  A little Pinterest project during naptime.  A smile that I so wish wasn't blurry.  Saturday:  Mmm... antlers...  Loud noises led us to discover this whole little valley was cleared, probably for even more houses, barf.  My walking buddy in her Beco.

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