Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

August 26 - September 1

Sunday:  Smiles after breakfast.  Double waterfall on our evening walk.  Monday:  I found a rogue foot when I unzipped the sleepsack.  Getting ready for a walk in the Beco instead of the stroller (and because of this, I walked through a marsh and almost stepped on a snake!).  Coffee date with "Auntie Dawn".  A man asked if she was born in a Starbucks.  I said, pretty much.  Tuesday:  Last music class, playin' a drum.  Wednesday:  Keeping Mommy from getting ready.  Checking out the baby in the mirror.  Chewing on fingers (what's new).

Thursday:  Showing off her (still) newborn-sized onesie.  Strollin' like always.  She finally likes her toy moose.  Keith named it "Lamar", because he read the "Lamaze" tag on it wrong.  Friday:  I went in to get her because she was awake, but before I made it down the hall, she passed out with her fingers in her mouth.  Everything goes in the mouth - including burpies.  She wasn't up for a family photo.  Keith decided to make rice krispie treats.  We dug into them immediately.  Saturday:  To kick off football season, I used my "perfect season" mug.  My little Buckeye.

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