Friday, November 2, 2012

Calendar Girl - Five Months

Ruby will be six months old on Sunday.  SIX MONTHS!  Half a year!  Closer to one than a newborn! This makes me die.  It also makes me realize that, while I've had her five month pictures taken for a while, I still haven't made a post yet.  What's new, right?

Look at that smirk!

Month five was pretty fun.  Ruby has gotten so interactive!  She has been super curious about everything.  I was changing her and she began to get fussy, so I gave her her diaper cover to hold, and you could see her thinking, "whoa!  something new!!!".  It's pretty hilarious.

Her absolute favorite thing to explore, is faces.  Especially mine, but I think that's because I'm the one who's always holding her.  Seriously though, anything with a face, she is all about, and wants to touch it over and over.

She's also really loving the dog.  We call Braidy "her doggie", and whenever we come up the stairs from the garage, Ruby starts looking around for the dog.  Anytime Braidy comes near her, she tries to touch or grab her (we're trying to teach "gentle" already, but she's pretty good about that).  And Braids can be a great distraction for a fussy baby.  Like, when we're trying to finish dinner, we might need to call the dog over to distract the baby so we can get our last bites in.  =)

Blurry, but adorable!

Part of the reason for needing distraction is that darned separation anxiety.  It sucks.  I love my girl so much, but man, I need her to be able to be held by her dad sometimes. 

She's starting to get roll-ey, but often can't really figure out where to put her arms.  That makes her mad.  Especially if she's on her belly, because she still hates that and really wants to get onto her back as quick as possible.

Because of that, I've been trying to get her to be cool with losing the swaddle for naps.  For the most part, she is ok with it!

This month we tried out her exersaucer and jumperoo.  The jumperoo is a hit, though she doesn't jump, just plays (timidly) with the toys.  The exersaucer is totally scary.  I think part of that is because she doesn't really fit in it.  The opening is freaking huge.  We shoved a blanket down in there, but she was not having it.  Her favorite toy is still Lamar.

We also started swimming this month.  Though she loves her baths, the verdict is still out on whether she loves swim class or not.

She didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, so no clue on the growth stats.  She's still on the same setting of her diapers.  She can pretty much just wear 0-3 month clothes (and she still has a newborn-size onesie from Target that fits).  I put her in a couple of 3-6 month clothes, but just because I was bored with her wardrobe and wanted to branch out.  Her headbands are fitting a little better now, though, so maybe her head is growing?

At five months, she does a lot more cute stuff.  Like cross her ankles.  She does that one a lot.  And hold her little hands together.  And give me a huge smile when I come to get her out of the crib in the morning and greet her with a "good morning Toots!".  Gotta love that gummy grin!

And now (sadly), I have to think about writing a sixth month post.  Because, yeah.  Six months with my girl is already (pretty much) in the books.  It is so true what they say - it goes by fast!!!

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