Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

On time this week.  Bam!

October 28-November 3

Sunday:  We're swaddling for naps again, and someone busted her feet out.  A little bit of fall on our walk.  I found a weird scabby spot on Ruby's leg.  I have no idea what it was, it almost looked like a burn?  But she wasn't ever near anything hot.  Monday:  I realized at 4pm that I didn't actually have any black felt to finish her costume, so we went to Michael's (and she was not a willing participant).  Much smilier back at home!  Until I tried to eat my dinner.  Tuesday:  My little baby ghoul.  One of the mamas shared a granola ball recipe, which I can't wait to make.  Yes, I'm aware my child looks nothing like me.

Wednesday:  Trying out the mesh feeder with some "milksicles".  We went to Target with grandma, and Ruby ended up with a ridiculous turkey hat on her head (which I find so funny, I might go back and buy it...).  Tricks vs. treats.  Thursday:  First food!  Trying to grab her doggie, of course.  Friday:  Shoveling more food in her face.  Saturday:  A stay-in-pajamas day with daddy.  Keith got her to sleep, then just set her down on the edge (!) of our bed and left, trapping me there with her for 3.5 hours!  I stopped watching once we had a 30 point lead.  Oh, if only we were bowl eligible!  

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