Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

November 4-10

Sunday:  We tried some sweet potatoes and it got a little messy, requiring a kitchen strip-down.  It's fun to grab toes in the Bumbo!  That look on her face is telling us there's something horrible in her diaper (for her 6 month birthday, she gave us her first diaper blowout, thanks Ruby).  Monday:  Sleeping off her 6 month shots.  Trying to grab her buddy, while he tries to grab (and eat) her skirt.  Tuesday:  At the city hall to drop off my ballot!  My election day buddy, dressed in blue for the occasion.  Wednesday:  Soooooo proud of herself.  More delicious sweet potatoes.

Thursday:  First time in big girl (6-9mo) baby class; she did a lot of practicing sitting up.  She wore a really freaking cute outfit that day, and this was the best pic I got of it, sad (and my kitchen is a mess).  Friday:  Bundled up in cozy clothes on the way to swimming class.  These two were waiting for me to dry my hair, so we could visit daddy at work.  First time in a shopping cart!  We ran into another mommy from class at BRU, and she was making Ruby crack up.  Saturday:  Getting daddy's face.  Cucumber - chomp! She didn't actually eat that, fyi, just practicing.  Ruby had a lot of opinions that day, including being angry about a diaper change.  Somehow we lost a sock on our walk, even though her legs were under a blanket I had wrapped around the Beco.  I drove along our route today looking for it, but it has disappeared. 

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  1. 6 months is one of my FAVORITE ages--love the personality that starts shining through! OH, and I nominated you for an award--check out my last post for details :)