Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Yep, finally getting around to this one.  I actually debated just skipping it and doing two next week.  How's that for lazy? =)

November 18-24

Sunday:  I guess this is the only picture I took?  Just me and my girl, playing with her blender...  Monday:  On our way to a playdate, we encountered the first tree vs. powerline showdown of the season - can I just say, I am not looking forward to a power outage with a baby?  Links are always entertaining (and tasty).  Tuesday:  I caught her on her tummy before she flipped back over.  This is the story of my life.  Sitting up = way more fun playing with toys.  "Reading".  Wednesday:  She tries to suck on the top of the bird on her exersaucer... weirdo.  After bedtime, I made her a new hair-pretty.

Thursday:  More link-chomping, in bed with Daddy.  My adorable turkey-baby (I scored her Thanksgiving onesie for $1.59 - super proud of myself!).  Chewing on her crackbook at Grandma's.  Friday:  This is what we woke up to - that is rain, not fog, gross.  The beginnings of a Christmas stocking.*  Bath time is good for eating your toes.  Saturday:  "You're not going anywhere, Mommy."  Excited about a Buckeye win and perfect season!  The cutest little Buckeye.

*I need to rant a minute here.  Ruby's stocking still looks like just a pile of fabric like that.  I ordered a fat quarter pack of prints from Aneela Hoey's Sherbet Pips fabric, which I've known I wanted to use for a child's stocking since before I was pregnant.  It's so adorable.  
Anyway, I needed a little bit of a fabric that the vendor I bought the above fabric from didn't have.  So I ordered it from someone else on Etsy.  My order was placed November 16th.  It's November 28th, and I still don't have the fabric.
Of course it is the one piece of fabric that I need to send to the embroiderer to have Ruby's name sewn on.  I'm pretty angry.  I emailed the vendor, and she was all, "Oh yeah, I had some internet problems so I didn't get to my orders right away... You should have it soon."  But she supposedly shipped it a week ago.  It doesn't usually take a week to mail something to Seattle from Texas, even with a holiday thrown in there.  I am so disappointed.  With the embroiderer turn-around time, I'll be lucky if her stocking even gets to hang on our mantle much before Christmas.  Lame.  I don't like to give negative feedback, but this lady is asking for it.

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