Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

I posted a little pic of Ruby on Halloween from my phone (dear Blogger, your app is terrible), but I have a LOT of pictures from our holiday festivities and I want to document them!  We didn't really do anything for Independence Day, so this was really the first holiday that we celebrated with our girl.

First, we had to make a trip to the pumpkin patch!  I brought the camera, only to find out that the memory card was full.  So I set about to delete enough pictures to make room... only for the battery to die!!!  Major mommy fail!  Thank goodness for iPhones.

We headed to Jubilee Farm, an awesome, non-commercialized place that even has it's own CSA.  I'd taken students on a field trip there, and knew it was the place to take Ruby.

Daddy found the perfect pumpkin and chopped it from the vine.

Our little family - look at those ominous clouds!

We rode in the hay wagon from the field to the barn.

Little Miss checked out her pumpkins.

Ate her skirt.

And gave us some attitude.

And I held my three pumpkins while Daddy loaded the car to go home.

Then, we had a little front porch photo shoot:

"I'm not sure about this, Mommy..."

Hahaha, outtake!

My absolute fave - it's the background of my phone right now.


"Oooh, look at this!"

"Ok, I'm ready for a nap now."

At parent-baby class, we had a little Halloween party.  Which really just meant that we dressed the kids up and took pictures.  Because, well, they're 3-6 months old.  They aren't exactly party animals.  And luckily that was all it was, and they didn't take pics right away because it took us 70 minutes to get there.  Apparently everybody forgot that they live in Washington, and it rains here.  Um, hi, if you can't drive in the rain, you might be living in the wrong state.  Just sayin'.


"Uh, Mom?  They're touching me."

Yawn.  "I'm over this party, Mom."

And finally, it was Halloween night.  Ruby took a late nap, so I was able to dress her up and have her help me answer the door for trick or treaters.  For a little bit, anyway, she got tired fast.

She "helped" me make candy bar cookies while we waited for the doorbell to ring.
Like I said, she got tired fast, so we decided to put our candy out and make a little sign.  It read:  "Help yourself to some treats but beware!  If you wake the baby ghoul sleeping upstairs, you will be forced to perform the trick of putting her back to sleep!"  Ruby's room is right above the front porch, so I was pretty apprehensive about this plan...

It turned out I was right to be.  The kids that came were LOUD.  And the first group rang the doorbell anyway (wtf?).  It didn't end up mattering though, because after three groups of kids, the bowl was empty.  Yes, it was full when we left it.  I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of disheartened by this.  I knew there was a possibility that would happen, but in my heart I'd hoped the kids wouldn't be so greedy.  =( Oh well.

We never ended up carving our pumpkin (oops), but on the whole, it was a great first Halloween as a family of three!  I LOVED Ruby's costume (yes, I made it, and am tooting my own horn, but she was so stinkin' cute!), loved getting to go to the pumpkin patch (we actually went to another with our playgroup, but didn't stay long enough to take pictures, it was only 34 degrees that morning!), and loved seeing all the babies dressed up.  I can't wait until next year to take her trick or treating for the first time!  And I'll definitely be making her another pumpkin hat next year - so many people made comments about our little pumpkin-head.  Dressing up babies for holidays is so fun... bring on Thanksgiving!


  1. love the group picture of your daughter and all the other babies in the class you go to...loved it....makes me want to join a mommy and me class soon lol

    1. You definitely should! Those ladies save my sanity on a weekly basis!

  2. You should write a tutu tutorial : )

    1. Oh, good idea! They are super easy (and cheap) to do. I want to make her a red one for Christmas, so I'll have to remember to take pictures while I make that one!