Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Wow.  I have a lot of these to catch up on.  Still, I love this little weekly journal of our lives, so catch up I will!

October 7-13

Sunday:  I read somewhere (Pinterest probably) that if you want to beatbox, just say "boots and cats" over and over.  This is Toots & Cats.  I made baked pumpkin doughnuts (also from Pinterest).  Sometimes a nap-strike means you're so tired, you fall asleep in your highchair...  Monday:  Sophie is a lot more appealing now.  Tuesday:  Playing with her buddy at baby class - they were so into each other!  Those tights make me die.  Oh my dog!  Wednesday:  We drove into Seattle to see my mom's new place.  Playing with grandma.

Thursday:  We stayed out really late helping out at the breastfeeding class at the hospital, so someone had really tired eyes that morning.  Helping me read about making baby food.  Daddy moved the jumperoo to her room; it's just as fun there.  Kisses from her doggie.  Friday:  My big, big girl sitting in the Bebepod.  Napping on Mama.  Watching Rachel Maddow with Daddy - they can't believe what those politicians are saying!  Saturday:  Ermahgerd, perrrndah berrrs!  A very coordinated nap.

October 14-20

Sunday:  Eating a book.  Falling asleep on Mama's knee.  Monday:  Testing out the pack n play bassinet.  Finally printed out this eighteen25 subway art, and I love it!  Heart pockets. =)  Finally finished fixing her pumpkin hat.  Tuesday:  A tired, grouchy girl, who was up for SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS* the night before.  We found some leaves that hadn't been blown off in the windstorm the night before.  This is what trouble looks like.
*This was the night that sleep died in our house.  She went from a 12 hour sleeper, to up all night, or at least waking a lot.  We skipped class that day, and Keith even stayed home from work because we were so freaking dead.

Wednesday:  Thank goodness there is also a 3-6mo baby class on Wednesday as well.  We went, and it was totally rejuvenating, plus I realized I really missed the instructor, Christine.  Ruby finally grabbed her feet on her own!  Thursday:  This was the only pic I took that day.  Sad, because we had a really fun playdate, walking the slough trail and descending upon Red Robin with five large strollers (they were so good to us though!).  I gave her this Triscuit box, and you'd have thought she died and went to heaven.  Friday:  Our one and only tree, all decked out for fall.  My ballot came, yes!!!  A nap, but only while touching me.  Saturday:  First trip to the pumpkin patch, at Jubilee Farm (by far, the best place to go around here).  Our little family.  Sitting on the barn porch with her pumpkin and her witch shirt.

October 21-27

Sunday:  Sitting with Auntie Ting at breakfast - Ruby actually reached out to her, which she never does with anybody!  You know, just chewing on a burpie.  Checking out the new blanket my Aunt Jan made for her.  Reeeeeally wanting to roll back over onto her back.  Monday:  Playdate at her buddy Tyler's house (she LOVED his Bumbo).  Tuesday:  Since Ruby loved Tyler's Bumbo so much, James' mommy brought her his at class (he doesn't like it, so they gave it to us!).  "Hi mama!"  Wednesday:  We had a really rough night, and stayed in jammies all day.  And napped (on mama, of course).

Thursday:  We drove out to the Carter's & Oshkosh outlets for some white onesies and a jacket.  Had a little photo shoot on the front porch with her pumpkins.  Still loving that Bumbo* (and measuring cup, 1/3cu is her fave).  Friday:  That spoon is chewy.  Omnomnom - sorry Ruby, that's the closest you're going to get to that macaroni.  Ruby Lou Who in the tub.  Saturday:  "Come here doggie!"  We sent this picture to James, to thank him for his Bumbo.  Visiting with cousin Frankie and Auntie Jen.

*Yes, the Bumbo is on an elevated surface.  I never stepped away from her, and my hand was right by her the entire time.  She likes to be up at our level, and I am comfortable with her safety if we are literally right next to her.

Phew!  All caught up, except for this week, but hey - today isn't over yet! =)

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