Monday, November 26, 2012

Calendar Girl - Six Months

Six months.  My baby is closer to one than a newborn.  Excuse me while I go sob.

Time moves so fast.  I'm not sure how we got to 6 months already, but here we are.  My baby is becoming so grown up!

I say grown up, and not big, because, well, she's not big.  She had a doctor's appointment this month, and she weighed in at a whopping 12lbs4oz.  And actually, I'm not even sure that's right.  I thought the scale said 12lbs .044oz, but the nurse wrote down 12lbs4oz, so maybe I was wrong.  I hope I was wrong, because 12lbs is freaking tiny for a six-month old.  She's 25.25" in length, which is pretty average, so I guess she's just a skinny-minnie.  Her pediatrician is not concerned with her weight, so I'm trying not to be.

Miss Toots is wearing her 3-6 month clothes now, though the Carter's onesies are too big (as you can see in the pictures, I should have rolled the sleeves).  Still, her 6mo wardrobe has been fun - it turns out she has a LOT of clothes in this size!  Some of these clothes, like her giraffe pants, are patterned.  Which leads me to my next thing: she is obsessed with patterns.  She tries to "pick" the patterns off of things (like her pants, it's hilarious).  Also, letters.  She tried to scratch the words off of Mr. G's rice krispie box, and the name of a restaurant off of a window.  Haha.

Besides her patterns, she also will pretty much reach for anything she wants.  Which includes toys, of course, but also me, and cardboard boxes.  I always knew the day would come that my kid is more entertained by the box than what's in it, I just didn't know that would happen at 6 months!

I've had my camera for 4 years, and only just realized it has this cool color isolation function!

The biggest thing that happened in Ruby's sixth month, is that sleep in our house, died.  I'm not even being dramatic.  Overnight (literally, pun intended), sleep was gone and it's never been back since.  My girl, who I could put down at 7:30pm and not see until 7:30am (except for when I'd creep in there and put my hand on her to feel her breathing because I missed her), is up all night long.  Nursing, or playing, or just screaming.  Or sitting there with her eyes wide open, staring, refusing to sleep, and if you put her down all hell will break loose.

After a couple of weeks of not sleeping, I realized that she doesn't suck on her fingers anymore.  Or pacis, for that matter.  So maybe that's related?  I thought that could be because of teething, but the pediatrician said it doesn't look like those bottom ones are going to break through anytime soon.  But I definitely think that the sleep and the fingers go hand in hand.  I think she's not able to soothe herself back to sleep anymore, so she cries for us.  Plus, she's still got her separation anxiety.  So usually she's crying for me.  I am tired.

She may not like sleep, but now she likes to "talk", which basically is just making these cute baby sounds.  She'll get in a mood and go on and on.  It's hilarious.  And adorable.  She also likes her exersaucer now (it used to be scary), and she loves the Bumbo.  She also loves the bath, and tried eating pears right before her half-birthday, and loves those too.

She rips those butterflies from her playmat off immediately if she is near them.

She still hates her carseat, and doing tummy time.  In fact, tummy time doesn't last long, because she'll just roll right over to her back if you try to get her to do it.  I can get her to stay a bit by distracting her with her baby buddies, or a mirror.  But she's still not into it.  Also?  I don't really think she likes her swimming class.  She was always a bit timid about it, but then there was an incident.  The class is supposed to be grouped by age, which was one of the reasons I liked it.  So her class was supposed to be 4-9 month olds.  For some reason, the administration let a toddler into the class a few weeks into it.  This month, the toddler, being a toddler, hit the ball we were passing very hard.  It ended up hitting Ruby in the face, twice.  Then, the toddler splashed her later.  I don't blame the toddler, as she was just being a toddler.  But Ruby has never been the same since, and I'm kind of upset that there's a child in the class at such a different stage of development.

In spite of our troubles this past month, Ruby's personality is really coming out.  She's somewhat shy, but silly, loving, determined, and very curious.  As exhausted as I am, I really struggle to imagine what life would be like without this girl.  When I am at the end of my mommy rope and need. a. break. and pass her off to Mr. G, I end up missing her very soon after.  It has been quite a half of a year, but I'm so looking forward to the next half, because she is in it.

And now, I've got to put this sequence of pictures in here.  Ruby was way done with our little photo shoot.  So I distracted her.  With her Halloween tutu.

Mooooooom!  No more pictures!

OMG, what is this?!?!?

It feels like... my tutu!!!

It is!  It is my tutu!!!

What?  What are you looking at, Mom?  Nothing to see here...


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