Friday, August 31, 2012

Calendar Girl - Three Months

Um, hi.  This girl is about to be four months old.  'Bout time I put the 3 month post up, huh?

Last month I was saying that Ruby usually would take a morning nap not too long after she woke, and then another nap in the afternoon.

Let's just say that month three was where she earned her nickname, "Little Miss No-Naps".

That meant that this was another pretty grouchy month.  Funnily enough, I didn't take any crying pictures this time!   But seriously, she acts tired.  She needs naps.  But she does not want to take them.  In fact, she'll just smile and act all happy to see you when you go into her room to try to get her to go to sleep.  Sigh.

She did drop her early morning (6am-ish) feed though.  So at three months, Ruby was only waking once a night.  

No doctor appointment this month.  She gained 2 pounds last month, but I honestly don't think she's gained as much.  So maybe she's as much as 12lbs?  Her 0-3 clothes fit her with room, and she still fits the Circo brand newborn size.  She IS wearing all of her one-size cloth diapers now.  Yay!  They're a bit bulky on her because she is so small, but it's fun to have colors and prints and match her outfits to her diapers.

She still hates her car seat, bouncy seat, swing, and pretty much being put down.  She wants to be held and moving, but not snuggling.  Her Beco fits her much better now, though, which makes going to the store a lot easier.

She still likes music, smiling, taking strolls around the neighborhood, reading books, baths, and bouncing on the yoga ball.  She's starting to like her rattles and this dragonfly toy that was her cousin Frankie's.  She also is pretty interested in her baby-buddies.  This month we've ventured out with other mommies/babies from our parent-baby class.  It's pretty funny to see the babies check each other out!  And who am I kidding, the mommies need it too.  I've also noticed that Ruby seems to have her good days when we are out and about like that. 

She has decided she has absolutely no tolerance for tummy time.  Which isn't helping her flat head.  I can prop her on the Boppy and maybe get a couple minutes out of her, but pretty much she cries instantly.  It's a point of consternation for me.  How will she learn to roll???  She did it at 1.5months, but hasn't done it again.  We attempt tummy time multiple times a day, but she is just not liking it at all. =(

Finally, I couldn't write the 3 month post without talking about her hands.  She has definitely found them.  They go in the mouth now.  She's also figured out that she can make them do stuff.  She punched her frog toy and bats at stuff.  My mom was over one day and watched Ruby stare at her hand, turn it over, then slowly (as she was watching it) put it into her mouth.  Mom said, "That was a pretty cool little event to witness.  You could see her little brain making a connection."  To true, she's figuring stuff like that out all the time now!

Last month I said it felt like she was turning into a real baby.  She definitely is now.  Every day it seems she's more interactive, or can do a new tiny thing.  It was weird to go to baby class with an almost 3 month old.  She was the big kid, and I knew the answers to the other moms' questions. 

Look at that concentration.

This mom thing, I am figuring it out.