Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

Another week down, and it was a good one!  Friday was the only day we stayed home (aside from a trip to Target).  Speaking of Target - we went because I had to pick up a prescription.  I was in line behind one person, when I heard, "Jennifer?".  Yeah, it was one of the pharmacy cashiers with my prescription in her hand.  She had recognized me, and had it ready before I even said a word.  Errrr, I guess I take too many drugs?  

August 19-25

Sunday:  Um, yeah, I had to unpack my car before we could venture anywhere - the day before I scored an awesome deal on an exersaucer and a jumperoo for my girl!  We "ventured" to Starbucks so Ruby could get some snuggles from Sara.  Playing with links is lots of fun.  Monday:  Buckled in so we could head to our Chipotle lunch date with my (sadly, former) coworker, Nathan.  A three hour nap.  Our regular evening stroll.  Tuesday:  First night without the swaddle = success!!!  Cheesing at her little buddy during music class.  She kicked the water with her foot the whole time.

Wednesday:  Breakfast (I wasn't sure I liked TJ's "cookie butter", but I can't stop eating it...).  She was really interested in what Christine had to say at baby class.  Lucky girl got some new clothes from her great-aunts.  Thursday:  Picnicking in the park on our bright red (scarlet) Ohio State blanket.  Cow diaper!  Friday:  Those crazy feet are getting closer and closer to her mouth...  Saturday:  Tolerating the swing so mommy can get ready.  Midday stroll this time.  Driving to dinner (Keith's cousin is in town, so I rode in the back with her.  She didn't know what to think about that).

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  1. Hello, just found your blog through Amy's linky. Ruby looks adorable - she'll soon have those feet in her mouth, that was one of my favourite stages for my little boy - baby foot in mouth is sooo cute!

  2. Hi London Mama (I love your city!), thanks for stopping by! I can't wait for her feet to find her mouth, it's one of my favorite baby things too. =)