Friday, August 3, 2012

Damn You, P & G

We've been watching a lot of tv in our house this week.  It's ok though, because it's been 100% Olympics.  I LOVE the Olympics.  When I was young, we'd watch it, and for weeks I'd try to do handstands and splits like the gymnasts.  Then I went to high school and joined the swim team (I was a back stroker), so I loooove watching the swimming.  It takes me back.

What's NOT good about all this tv watching, is this commercial:

It (and its many offshoots, this is the long one) make me cry EVERY TIME.  Seriously, just now when I went to YouTube to find it, I was watching it without the sound and I still cried.  It makes me think to the future.  Whatever Ruby wants to do, I will totally be there for her.  I see myself in the bleachers somewhere cheering and wanting to give her a hug, no matter the outcome of her endeavors.  Being a mom changes you in so many ways, and putting that little person first is one of the biggest ones.
And now I'm crying again.
And, yes, I do cry at the Pamper's little miracle commercial too.

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