Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

August 5-11

Sunday:  Naps only happen on Mommy these days...  My happy girl!  It was so hot, it the entire jar of coconut oil (that we use as diaper cream) melted.  That red number is hard to see, but it says 85.  As in, degrees.  In the nursery at about 11pm.  Monday:  Midriff exposure is a regular thing now.  Sitting up on the bed like a big girl (don't tell Keith, we were watching the equestrian events of the Olympics).  Tuesday:  Somebody woke up very early, so she had to watch me get ready.  We found a snail when we let Braidy out.  Exhausted after her first day of Kindermusik.

Wednesday:  Ruby was eyeing her buddy at baby class.  Thursday:  All buckled in and ready to go to the mommy-matinee.  Stylin'.  Fell asleep on her own in the middle of our bed.  She was pooped from all of her social obligations this week.  Friday:  Hangin' out in pjs, playing with links.  Getting ready for ni-nights.  Saturday:  An outfit that fell victim to spit-up.  Replacement outfit, ready to go to a local little town fair.  Mom-bellies make good recliners.

Linking up with Amy, wondering if she's had that baby yet!

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