Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week in iPhone Pictures

July 29-August 4

Sunday:  Chewing on her hand (of course) while sitting on Grandma's lap at breakfast.  A little floor time on the softest blanket ever.  The Olympics!  Swimming is my favorite!  Monday:  Nap refusal.  We had a lot of change to take to the Coinstar.  Tuesday:  Oh, you know, just chillin' in a diaper, sans sock.  OMG, a frog!!!  PUNCH!  Anniversary flowers.

Wednesday:  Somebody chicken-winged herself...  Loungin' in the Boppy.  Practicing some neck strength.  The only way she'd take a nap.  Thursday:  Tummy time.  Morning smiles.  Neighborhood stroll (I love that her Wubbanub makes her look like she has a handlebar mustache).  More baby strength-training.  Excited about walk #2 for the day.

Friday:  Watching the women's gymnastics all-around at 3am while nursing.  Nap strike = having to lay on the bathroom floor (yes, my bathroom has carpet, ugh) while mommy dries her hair.  Nap strike ended, only after laying swaddled in mommy's bed for 30 min (but then I got a nap too!).  First softball game.  Snuggling daddy instead of watching the game.  Saturday:  Summer finally came, which meant diaper-only naps.  Determined to chew on her dress.  A far off blue heron on our walk.  The diaper fairy (UPS man) came to deliver a new diaper!

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  1. Your daughter is adorable! And I LOVE the name Ruby! I see your a Buckeye fan, too--GO BUCKS!!!