Monday, August 13, 2012

TGI Bedtime

The above picture pretty much sums up my day.  

Braidy went into the nursery and peed RIGHT next to the crib, RIGHT next to where Ruby's head was. She must've done it right before Ruby woke up (or maybe she woke her up, she did get up about an hour earlier than she usually does).  When I went in to get her, I could smell it right away and see the spot on the carpet in the semi-darkness.

I'm still pissed about it (no pun intended).  I'm extra pissed because she also peed on our bed earlier in the evening.  She's been doing this on occasion since Ruby was born, so we don't let her up on the bed anymore.  Keith decided he wanted to snuggle her, so he let her up for maybe five minutes.  Then he asked her to get down, and what do you know?  Wet spot on the bed.  Cue the midnight comforter washing.

I sent Keith into Ruby's room while I fed her to clean up the pee on the carpet.  He didn't want to use chemicals on it if we were going to put her back in there, so he sopped it up as best he could, then we put the fan so it was blowing any potential pee-smell toward the open window.  Who knows if this was the right thing to do, but we'd just packed the bassinet away earlier that day, and I don't really trust Keith to have her bedshare with us.  I did put her at the opposite end of the crib though.

I think the new position messed her up (maybe?) and she woke up just two hours later.  So... it was 5-something in the morning.  At that point Keith was about to get up (once I was done feeding her), so I just kept her in bed with me.  Guess what?  She never went back to sleep.

She didn't take any naps either.  I'm not kidding, NO naps.  Ok, well, I guess she did sleep about 10 minutes in the stroller this afternoon, but that is it.  So that picture above?  Yeah, that was her.  ALL DAY.  All day unless she was nursing.  So I nursed her a lot.  Hey, it worked and she didn't protest.

Tonight we did our normal bedtime routine (vitamins, lotion, diaper/pjs, swaddle, then nurse).  She fell asleep nursing like she always does, and unlatched herself.  I carried her off to bed, set her down in the crib, and BAM.  Eyes open.

I couldn't handle it, I sent Keith in there to put her back to sleep.  It took him a while.  Then, not too long after, she woke, crying hard.  She never wakes up crying.  In fact usually when she wakes, she makes just enough noise for us to know to come get her.  But this was loud crying.  Keith went back in again, got her back to sleep, put her in the crib, then eyes opened.

They shut again right after, though, and he retreated back to our room.  So here I sit, fingers crossed that she sleeps off her funk (she's not sick and doesn't have a fever for the record).  I don't know that I can take another day full of screaming like that.

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