Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yesterday at baby class Christine, our facilitator, asked how many teachers were in the room. A good bunch of us raised our hands. Many of the mamas will be going back to school next week, and will be leaving their babies. Of course, it's causing a lot of anxiety.

Then Christine said, "Now you understand why moms cry on the first day of school, huh? That mom that drives you crazy, sending multiple emails a day? I bet you can relate to her now. "

I may not be going back to my classroom on Monday, but boy did what she say hit home. I think I was a good teacher before, but I think I'll be an even better one when I go back, now that I am Ruby's mom.

Yesterday I also had to go to school and pack up my belongings that had been left in my classroom. It was hard, and it made me sad. But both experiences made me so grateful to be able to stay home this year with my girl. I know it will be all too soon that I am the mom sending the emails.

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