Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mind Dump

I kind of abandoned the ol' blog this week.  Oops!  We actually had stuff to do!  Anyway, this will just be a post of randomness.

I'm watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and I'm really bummed out about it.  I really enjoyed these games (I always do, but I liked them being in London).  Four years seems like too long to wait for another.

Related to that, we celebrated Braidy's "birthday" this week.  Four years ago Keith brought her home from the shelter.  It was 8/8/08, and we watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing games with out brand-new-to-us doggie.

I LOVE summer.  I like the sun, and being tan, and enjoying the outdoors.  We rarely get summer in Washington, so when it happens, I usually embrace it.  This year though, we've been kind of stuck inside.  It has been record-breaking heat around here, which you can't really take an infant out in.  It's not like I can lay by a pool with her, right?  Oh well.

The other crappy thing about heat?  Ok, actually there's two.  First, Keith keeps the fan pointed at our pillows.  It completely dries my contacts out and gives me a headache every day because my eyes hurt so bad.  I ask him to move it so it's not in our faces, but it is a constant fight and I just don't understand why he'd rather have his head cool than his wife free of pain.  The other one is: nursing.  When it's hot as Hades out, you get really sweaty with that tiny little hotbox pressed up against you all throughout the day.

I mentioned in my week in iphone pictures post that we were pretty busy this week.  Tuesday is our usual baby class day, but for August we're going on Wednesdays.  That's because Tuesday mornings we are taking a Kindermusik class.  Thanks to our baby class, we got a coupon for a month free of classes!  In the summer they do month-long camps, so we get a free camp.  I wasn't sure what I'd think of it, but it turns out it's pretty fun.  Ruby was alert and attentive the whole time.  And then she napped when we got home.  It's a win.  Plus, there are two ladies (and their babies) in our class that we took hypnobirthing with.  A nice surprise.

Wednesday, not only were we going to class on a different day, but we've also moved up to the "big girl class".  That's right, the 3-6 month class.  Ruby was the youngest baby in there.  Those other babies are so big!  It was neat though, I can see what she has in store.  It was also freaky because all of the mommies were talking about sleep regression and teeth.  Eek.  Also, the Wednesday class is facilitated by a different person than my beloved Tuesday lady (who has been out of town anyway, in London of all places, lucky!).  Fortunately, I really liked this other facilitator.  She went off on a rant about how parent-centric our culture's parenting style is, and how ridiculous that is, which I was totally digging.  The only boo is that big girl class is at 9:30am, instead of the more reasonable 12:30 that the 0-3 class is at.

Thursday I conquered my fears of being trapped in one seat with my active baby for 2+ hours, and went to the movies.  The fancy theater here does mommy matinees on Thursday mornings.  They don't turn the lights all the way off, and turn the sound down.  Babies and strollers and noise and all that is welcome.  Plus, they give you a menu for the concession stand and a "waiter" takes your order and brings it to you!  Nice!  Even better, Ruby did great!  She nursed/slept/sleep-nursed most of the time.  And I got to see Ruby Sparks, so, yay.  A bunch of us ladies and babies from our baby class all went together.  It made me feel like a real human.  And afterward we went to lunch at this health food cafe where I had the most delicious quinoa salad.  Ruby was so tired from our whirlwind of a week, she fell asleep in the middle of our bed at 6 that night.

We were totally lazy on Friday, which meant I wanted to get out of the house on Saturday.  Ruby seems to do better when we get out too.  So we decided to go to this small-town festival nearby.  Yeah, it sucked, aside from the elephant ear we ate.  There was an insanely loud band, a ton of ill-behaved teenagers, and a woman who stole our elephant ear so we had to wait for them to make another.  Boo.

This is a really long post.

I use too many commas, but I can't stop.

In a moment of nostalgia, Keith bought Drumsticks at the store and I want one.

Finally, those pictures above are of Ruby rocking out the tummy time today on her Boppy.  Ruby really hates tummy time which makes me so stressed out because of the flat spot on her head.  I hold her a ton, but I really want her to like tummy time so we can do it a lot and she can learn to roll over!  Today was a step in the right direction.  Both Keith and I got some really good, long sessions out of her with no tears. Keep it up little girl!

Ok, that's enough, yes?

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